Aflag Real Estate LLC

Al Qurum, Muscat, Oman
Nasseralsiyabi@aflaggroup.com 98951915 www.alflaggroup.com

Property Description

Aflag Real Estate is a part of Aflag Holding Company LLC (Aflag Group). Aflag Holding Company has been formed to embrace the current operating companies owned by Sheikh Khalid Al Khalili into one integrated holding Group providing efficient resource management whilst allowing the Group strength to support new business development.
The Aflag Group is led by Sheikh Khalid Abdullah Al Khalili, a member of one of the most respected Omani families with a strong tradition of having part of the fabric of the Sultanate’s renaissance where family members continue to have the honor of serving in His Majesty’s government and representing the highest office in religious affairs.
The Group is founded on strong family values including trust, honesty and integrity, a practice that is the cornerstone of all facets of the business.
The business and divisions are operationally independent but benefit from the support and shared services from the holding company.


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